Geo-Targetted Influencer Marketing:

Access to the most valuable customers in the neighborhood

1. Geo-Targetted Influencer Marketing

In the aftermath of COVID-19, most businesses will face a more stringent competitive market than before. More companies are going to set broader goals with more laser-focused marketing strategies.

Brainmustard has the most advanced technology for targeting local influencers and helps clients with crafting extremely targeted strategies to communicate with the most influential and most valuable customers at a particular location.

This solution directly increases the ROI for marketing and market share.

Stream Insights:
Find the new trends and opportunities before anyone else does

2. Stream Insights

StreamInsights is the most innovative exploratory solution for the early-stage trend spotting and identifying outliers in the marketplace. It reveals detailed insights about the sizable but often overlooked consumer segments whose needs can be met profitably.

This solution directly impacts the sales and profits of our clients.

3. Interactive Customer Experience Mapping

3. Customer Experience Maps

The leading A.I. technology to create the most comprehensive customer experience maps. Our maps depict hundreds of touchpoints for each segment of the target market. We identify the defining moments during the customer journey, which shape the everlasting impression of the experience.

This solution empowers our clients to shape up the optimal design and re-engineer the customer experience.

Customer Experience Maps


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